[Release] DynamicBlacklist


DynamicBlacklist allows you to specify blacklisted vehicles, peds, weapons and weapon ammo types using FiveM’s native ACE permissions, and includes the ability to add custom blacklisting for other aces.


$ git clone https://github.com/MrGriefs/dynamicblacklist.git
  • Edit the config.lua to your desire
  • Add the following to your server.cfg:
    • start dynamicblacklist
    • add_ace group.admin dblacklist.admin
    • add_ace group.moderator dblacklist.moderator
  • Start your server and if you’ve set up the config correctly, it’ll work. Submit an issue


Everything should be explained clearly in the config.lua!
If you’re getting an error in the config, you’re probably missing a comma or forgot to enclose the ace name in brackets.

Done to Death

Yes, I agree there are many blacklist scripts already out there. However, for the few years I’ve been in the community, I’ve never witnessed a blacklist or whitelist script utilise the fully customisable ace permissions to manipulate blacklisting.


Looks good men, i will tried!

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Nice job :laughing:

v0.1.2 released


  • 297ede2 fix incorrect object manipulation (fixes #3)
Refactor (chore)
  • 813a4a9 remove unused config var
  • db863a4 remove unused VehicleNoSpawn var
  • 55e9fe8 delete Restricted var from memory client-side

i am having a few problems getting the ammo types added to the black list. I’m not sure what needs to be added. Could i get a little help on this please. Thank you.

You can get further help in the issues.
if you’re experiencing a bug, make sure to include your config, DynamicBlacklist commit version and server information to receive the best help possible.


Fixed an issue where weapons blacklist does not function when the player spawns.

Update Now

Simply git pull if you cloned the repository using Git.
If you did it the manual way, download from here.


Bug Fixes

  • 5b7ab79 Use of old player ped id (#8)

I know i am late to the party, but worth a shot. Did anyone ever figure out how to fix the ammo types? I am having the same issue where everyone can use the banned ammo types. I checked the github issues, read the post on ammo and it appears its never been fixed or it at least wasnt referenced in that issues thread.

Thanks for any help.

Not sure if you check this anymore, but we are trying to make it so certain roles can have certain vehicles (i.e MilOps have military, VIP/UltraVIP/PlatVIP have certain super cars/helicopters/planes) but when we add the ace permissions in our server.cfg it doesn’t register that the people with those given roles are allowed to spawn those things…do you know how to fix this?

The script works fine for me and others in playtest.
Are you sure you set up configuration (config.lua, server.cfg) correctly?

Post your config.lua and the relevant parts of your server.cfg and I’ll take a look
(or DM me if you don’t wish to post them publicly).

We got it figured out…the entire time I forgot to include allow when assigning the ace permissions so that’s on me haha

Let us know if you have any further issues.