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The reason you’re not getting an answer is because you’re simply asking for help without trying to do this stuff yourself, everything you just said is possible, some of it is even in the FAQ’s, though the fact you’re not even checking there, nevermind checking the files themselves to figure it out.

If you want your own server, you NEED to learn how to do things on your own, otherwise it becomes other people creating your server for you.

Most of the stuff you need help with is in obvious places as well (as in file names), or logical places at least. For instance the P in licences is vrp/modules/basic_garage.lua

Tip - cfg = most thing you want to touch and edit yourself
modules = server sided files (databases included)
client = client stuff (like things people see on their screens)

By default you don’t lose inventory when respawning via E (no EMS online) - you can check yourself in vrp/modules/player_state.lua - line 57 regarding resetting health, below that (1 line) if there is no vRP.clearInventory(user_id) then it doesn’t remove your inventory. Maybe another resource clashing with the respawn?

You haven’t followed the video as you’ve not even set up your database, watch it again and do everything step by step.

I seriously tried to find answers. I didn’t know there was a FAQ though, I just looked here for answers. But: I looked in every flipping file, because I had to translate everything and looks like I just didn’t see it.

Yeah, I know, and I understand that you don’t want to answer those questions over and over and over. But I do something completely different in school than programming, had no idea before, I’m working on this server for about 1 1/2 month now, and I can now somehow even edit things for my needings and make small scripts. Until this point I got no help from other people (except the one question you answered, one question by another dude answered) because they all have no clue how all this stuff works.

But whatever, still thank you :grin:

how can i remove the npc with weapons?

Lost in translation maybe.

What you need to understand is, just over 1 year ago, I’d never touched lua before, within the same time frame you’ve been “working” on the server, I had released the first version of my pack.

Back then I had no one to ask questions to help me out, it was a different community. So I had to learn everything myself and figure it out.

It just annoys me that people like yourself, who are willing to invest money into a server, aren’t willing to invest time to learn and expand your own knowledge.

Find a script on the forum that does what you need or write one yourself mate, nothing like that is within the pack.

I want to, but who should teach me? I am not someone who learns by videos or something. I need real people who teach me stuff for the exact thing I am doing right now, not some general tutoriald with “how 2 lua”. And I know nobody who “speaks” lua and could teach me in person, so I just learn by looking at code. But I think it’s pretty sassy of yours that you think I am not investing time and effort. I got no other choice, without learning it won’t ever work. So I am sorry if I seem like I’m not willing to, but you’re actually wrong. And yes it’s great that that you learned that fast, but I started “learning” lua 2 weeks ago, the time before I made skins. Who knows maybe I’ll be better in a few weeks, I don’t know.

So whatever, I like you and I even more like vRP. I don’t want to discuss or something because I understand your point.
Whatever, Imma not going to annoy you anymore, bye :slightly_smiling_face:

@FakerTV Hey mate. Just wanted to put this in here. The way i learnt basic lua, is i got myself a development server, and used other scripts as so called “guides”, I learnt what every line did, what function lead to what command (if you catch what i am saying). Then i would create my own script and test and see if it works. If not, look at the console and see what is the issue.

That is how i learnt basic lua. Nothing great comes if you dont put effort in, and practise makes perfect :slight_smile:

Useful links you could use:

Good luck and happy scripting

@spikytarr Haha thanks
Yeah I already knew the first tutorial, this forum was at all a good help. But still, the biggest part comes from just looking at code. Whatever, thanks. I like this community ^^

yeah xD, it will come with time

Firstly, you are not annoying me and I’m sorry if it came across that way.

I just like to give people a kick up the ass to learn things them selves lol - also I learnt from reading through the code in front of me and working out how client and server spoke to each other and went from there. No “how to” videos. The best way to learn is to fuck things up and then make things work.

hello, does someone know where can i find a tutorial or something so i can create a teleport point that teleports the player from one point to another?

look in VK_interiors, use that as a template. Example
[1] = {id = 1, x = 360.08847045898, y = -585.16223144531, z = 28.820465087891, name = "Exit EMS [Pillbox]", destination = {2}}, teleports you to 2

[2] = {id = 2, x = 251.32405090332, y = -1367.2664794922, z = 39.534370422363, name = "Enter EMS", destination = {1}}, teleports you back to 1

the name is the text that will appear above the teleport blip

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thanks, i was wondering where i could find those teleports, i literally spent 3 hours looking around de cfg xD

i also have another problem i have done this:

    [22] = {id = 22, x =  -262.89254760742, y = -713.45825195313, z = 71.032730102539,  name = "Enter Home", destination = {23}},
    [23] = {id = 23,x = -271.89880371094, y = -693.51745605469, z = 34.276473999023,  name = "Exit Home", destination = {22}},
    [24] = {id = 24, x = -77.824325561523, y = -1389.3118896484, z = 29.320751190186, name = "Entrar al edificio", destination = {25}},	
	[25] = {id = 25, x = 1040.3057861328, y = -3197.9089355469, z = -38.166625976563, name = "Salir del edificio", destination = {24}},
	[26] = {id = 26, x = -172.22486877441, y = 6393.1264648438, z = 31.490411758423, name = "Entrar al laboratorio", destination = {27}},
	[27] = {id = 27, x = 997.02697753906, y = -3200.5244140625, z = -36.393692016602, name = "Salir del laboratorio", destination = {26}},
	[28] = {id = 28, x = 1085.9672851563, y = -2399.8178710938, z = 30.669775009155, name = "Entrar al laboratorio", destination = {29}},
	[29] = {id = 29, x = 1088.7257080078, y = -3187.5625, z = -38.993461608887, name = "Salir del laboratorio", destination = {28}},
	[30] = {id = 30, x = 936.70098876953, y =-1490.2805175781 z = ,30.286289215088, name = "Entrar al garaje", destination = {31}},
	[31] = {id = 31, x = 996.98327636719, y =-3158.3068847656, z = -38.907131195068, name = "Salir al garaje", destination = {30}},

but it doesnt appear in the world, how can i make it so that it appears?

Its all work for my no Problem

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Hi, is there a way to change the market type in the configs? I’d like to switch out the marker types for number 23 instead of 1.

Hey Dunko, where do i change the cars for each job? You know i wnat to change what cars the police can take out from garage, and so on :slight_smile:

could you help me? for me F1 and F2 doesn’t work

@Raul_Morales Have you cleared your Server Cache?

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@SanderRas Hi mate. Have a look in vrp\cfg\garages.lua. Scroll down abit and find the Police Vehicle Section. Edit as you please but make sure the last entry doesn’t have a ; as that breaks the formating. Dont forget to clear your server cache so the changes can take effect!

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@TKPK_Channel Those menu’s are bugged at the moment. Wait until v6.8 of this pack for a possible fix!

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