[Release] Dispatchworks Pack - FiveM Resource

                            Dispatchworks Pack

Dispatchworks Link
Resource Download Link


  1. Download the resource: Download
  2. Open the WinRar file that you get, you will see a folder with the name DispatchWorksPack, just drag and drop that folder in your server resources folder.
  3. Add the following line in your server.cfg
start DispatchWorksPack
  1. You are done! You have installed the pack in your FiveM Server.

(If you have trouble installing a/this resource, I recommend you take a look at this.)

Carrythxd; 11john11; Aquamenti; Bozza; IlayArye; Introvert; Jacobmaate; Lundy; Monkeypolice188; TheF3nt0n; Voit Turyv; Vx5Voltage; AlexVonShep; BrettYea; GlennconnellHullian111; le_shark; Lt. Caine and others from Vanillaworks.


Looking like a good idea.

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@Eddie1 Nice release however I don’t think it complies with the Releases Terms.
If this is just vehicle conversion this release may be closed, however I would await a moderators approval.

Term: **Third-party mod websites** . “Converting” content from a third-party website for use in FiveM (i.e. vehicles) is allowed as long as you credit the original author with a link and follow their own terms. However, the release **must include original content** . That is, creating a FiveM resource with only existing files is prohibited. Only exception is if said author of third-party mod is the FiveM topic creator.

I’ve talked to the author of the pack and other mod makers who have contributed and they allowed me to post this.

could you share proof of that? cause the vanilla team usually doesnt like people reuploading there stuff

I will tomorrow if that’s okay. It’s pretty late for me right now.

Unless you are the author of the vehicles within the pack you do not comply with the Release Terms, the Term I provided in particular. Regardless if you did or didn’t have permission to release them.

Oh well I don’t know then, I will post the proof tomorrow as I said. Good Night!

Okay, so here is the proof:
Carrythxd; Voit Turyv; Jacobmaate; Vx666 Spookage; 11john11; Fenton; Bozza.


I’d love to use this on my server but sadly upon adding to my server we get errors like this this unless we remove every other vehicle addon resource. Not sure as to why as I am still new to fivem server stuff.
The error is always the same just the resource name changes unless there are no other resources with a vehicles.meta file.

Can you do the Resource with the Vanillaworks Extended Pack?


Im going to release it soon!