[RELEASE] DiscordQueue-AdaptiveCards

What is it?

This is basically a discord queue for logging into a server. When you connect to the server, you get added to a queue. Depending on your priority, you can be at the back of the queue or added to the top automatically. This all depends on what discord roles you have considering it works off of priority numbers.



DiscordQueue.Staff_Member => Used for showing the staff member count in the DiscordQueue Status webhook message




Discord Queue Webhook Status Message

Queue Status Message

Discord Queue Webhook Logging

Discord Queue Webhook Logging

Grace Priority

Grace Priority allows a player to rejoin the queue with a higher priority than they usually would have when joining with their usual rank. This is done so that the player can get into the server sooner in the queue since they may have left the server due to a crash or timeout. This saves them the hassle of going to the potential back of the line in the queue since they were affected by something out of their control.

Configuration Related Settings

  • GracePriority = true => Should grace priority be enabled?
  • GracePriorityLastingTime = 60 => How long in seconds does the grace priority last.

Host Display Queue

Host Display Queue

Configuration Related Settings

  • HostDisplayQueue = true => Should the hostname display the queue size in it.

Rejoin Queue Grace

Rejoin Grace is a grace period for a player’s position in the queue that holds their position in the queue for a certain amount of time. If the player joins back whilst they still have rejoin grace, they will be in the same place they were before they left (unless of course someone comes with a higher priority and is placed in front of their priority ranking)…

Configuration Related Settings

  • RejoinQueueGrace = true => Should the rejoin grace be enabled?
  • RejoinQueueGraceLastingTime = 60 => How long in seconds does the rejoin queue grace list.
  • MSG_GRACE_CONNECTING = 'You have waited {WAITING} seconds so far... You are being connected [{QUEUE_NUM}/{QUEUE_MAX}]:'

Discord Join Requirement

You can require players to have a Discord identifier to be able to join your FiveM server.

Configuration Related Settings

  • Discord = false

Steam Join Requirement

You can require players to have a Steam identifier to be able to join your FiveM server.

Configuration Related Settings

  • Steam = false

Discord Whitelist

You can restrict players from joining your FiveM server if they do not have a valid Discord rank in your rankings section of your configuration file.

Configuration Related Settings

Config.Rankings = {
    -- ['roleID'] = {rolePriority, connectQueueMessage, queueRankListDisplay},
    ['Member'] = {500, "You have waited {WAITING} seconds so far... You are being connected (you are not as special as Badger) [{QUEUE_NUM}/{QUEUE_MAX}]:", 'Discord Member |'}, -- Discord User 
    ['Staff'] = {100, "You have waited {WAITING} seconds so far... You are being connected (Staff Queue) [{QUEUE_NUM}/{QUEUE_MAX}]:", 'Staff |'}, -- Staff 
    ['Admin'] = {50, "You have waited {WAITING} seconds so far... You are being connected (Admin Queue) [{QUEUE_NUM}/{QUEUE_MAX}]:", 'Admin |'}, -- Admin
    ['Founder'] = {0.1, "You have waited {WAITING} seconds so far... You are being connected (Founder Queue) [{QUEUE_NUM}/{QUEUE_MAX}]:", 'Founder |'}, -- Founder

Discord Queue Adaptive Card

Discord Queue Adaptive Card

Customizeable Discord Webhook Status Message

    "Message": {
        "attachments": [],
        "embeds": [
                "title": "GSRP - Server Status",
                "thumbnail": {
                    "url": "https://yt3.googleusercontent.com/qNc4lDJf3o8belW5o4q35uPA2Qo9qOMif9QNC1flXLSkBebWJFtjfyaE1uvkh26L_SGo7TJt9w=s900-c-k-c0x00ffffff-no-rj"
                "fields": [
                        "value": "```{ONLINE_STATUS}```",
                        "name": "> STATUS"
                        "name": "> PLAYERS",
                        "value": "```{PLAYER_COUNT}/{SERVER_SLOTS}```",
                        "inline": true
                        "name": "> QUEUE",
                        "value": "```{QUEUE_SIZE}```",
                        "inline": true
                        "name": "> STAFF",
                        "value": "```{STAFF_COUNT}```",
                        "inline": true
                "image": {
                    "url": "https://external-preview.redd.it/LHdO9dU6qoxiBeHDS1vp3xYZXdPYNs1OH915RuPzW98.jpg?auto=webp&s=12d09790765fee2f6b5b08e51d875201cb2f9a12"
    "MessageId": ""



Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1000+
Requirements Badger_Discord_API
Support Yes
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Will this deny people access if they dont have a set role on the discord?

No, it allows them in, but they’d have the lowest queue priority. They’d have Default_Prio as their priority in the config file.

is there any way to make is so they cant join unless they have certain roles?

You could potentially use this in conjunction with this script:

Both scripts require Badger_Discord_API

Damn… look sick! Will deff buy :wink:

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Didn’t you free release this? What’s the difference?

AdaptiveCards. The other one does not include this feature

Did any functionality get updated or is it basically the same ?

I am possibly going to add reserved slots to this as well. The only thing that got changed was this uses cleaner AdaptiveCards instead of changing Discord Emoji patterns.

Cool, thanks.

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Badger Always the Goat


Has this been tested on full servers? Or servers that often have pretty congested queues.

Badger back with another dope resource. (Or in this case, an AdaptiveCards implementation to an already dope Badger resource!)
I will definitely be checking this out after I get paid!

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This is the method used in here.

I was trying to add this myself, the only thing not working was the “Click” to open up links.

Great script :slight_smile:

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Sadly I do not have a huge server or server population in FiveM. I tested it with 3 others who are in my support community. Still may be some bugs with the queue part of both this and the free resource. Luckily, as I am informed about them, I work on them pretty quickly. This will see the same updates the free resource gets (as well as other possible features, like reserve slots for reserving slots for staff members)

Implemented some more bug fixes. Also added some more useful webhook messages!

May be doing a Christmas sale on the 25th for 15% off! Let me know if any of you would be interested in that!

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