[Release] DiscordBot Players Count (Rich Presence)

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  • Players Count On Rich Presence

  • Server Start / Stop Announcement

  • Easy Control

  • Full Tutorial

  • Custom Presence Type (Watching,Playing And more…)

  • Optimized (You shouldn’t start this so no fps drops will happend)

  • Custom URL’s

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i downloaded the file but i could not find the video any where, and how do you change the player count it says on the bot because my server is 48 not 1048

Tutorials are on files,

You have to edit index.js

can you make a youtube video as i dont understand half of it

Not now

I’m sorry… what’s the difference between this script and this free one: [How-to] [Updated] Discord rich presence Custom Image 🏞

This bot counting down your players and showing up on rich presence and updating every ‘X’ seconds

Fixed Fake Slots And fake players so this will only listing connected players

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This shouldn’t even be paid, this should be free… Theres alot of free discord rich presence scripts that automatically update every x seconds, you can literally just add the player count to them.

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Ok, do this and publish this script

In my opinion, This script should be free as it is super little that only does like 1 thing. But this is his script, he can do what he wants. :man_shrugging:

Ok, do this and publish this script ffs

  • New update:

Fixed Unnamed Bot Problem
Decreased script usage

  • New Update

Now you can create your discord bot in a minute inside index.html file!

(Slide images and direct links for creating a bot without any problems!!)

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Aren’t you selling this script?

I do, here is the tebex link