[Release][DEV] Server Event Security Tokens - Anticheat

thank you so much add me UnreaL#0001 on dc

also can i do this on esx_communityservice?

also is there any way to test it? to test if i will get kicked for a wrong token?

Just carefully replace the function argument

SCRIPT ERROR: @salty_tokenizer/server.lua:61: bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got nil)

isTokenUnique (@salty_tokenizer/server.lua:61)
generateToken (@salty_tokenizer/server.lua:84)
getObfuscatedEvent (@salty_tokenizer/server.lua:93)
handler (@salty_tokenizer/server.lua:147)

FIX: https://paste.laravel.io/553bb05d-b314-458b-bd88-01de4edbdf91

A true masterpiece. @SaltyGrandpa you’re the man, thank you very much for this, you deserve more credit!

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Fix has been merged on github, btw.


Welcome back!!!

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Never mind. Operator error…

Is there a way to ban people insted of drop them? I know there is no native to do it, so someone can advise me a fast way to implement it?

You will need an extra resource that will have a ban system and in the config file at the bottom there will be a custom function try to use the extra resource event on that

how to block event logger?

thank bro, it help me too much

DropPlayer(source, "Anticheat")

Server side *

hey im getting this error when joining the server,but i tested the resources that i implemented the token and seems fine

Hey! How to ban instead of kick!

Sadly since the last update of an popular cheat client, this is completely useless, since it basicly logs the payload of events that the client sent to the server.

Do you know if there is any way to patch this? I know it is possible since some other roleplay server patched it and even banned it

I’d use global state to keep tokens secure.