[Release][DEV] Server Event Security Tokens - Anticheat

thank you so much add me UnreaL#0001 on dc

also can i do this on esx_communityservice?

also is there any way to test it? to test if i will get kicked for a wrong token?

Just carefully replace the function argument

SCRIPT ERROR: @salty_tokenizer/server.lua:61: bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got nil)

isTokenUnique (@salty_tokenizer/server.lua:61)
generateToken (@salty_tokenizer/server.lua:84)
getObfuscatedEvent (@salty_tokenizer/server.lua:93)
handler (@salty_tokenizer/server.lua:147)

FIX: https://paste.laravel.io/553bb05d-b314-458b-bd88-01de4edbdf91

A true masterpiece. @SaltyGrandpa you’re the man, thank you very much for this, you deserve more credit!

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Fix has been merged on github, btw.


Welcome back!!!

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Never mind. Operator error…

Is there a way to ban people insted of drop them? I know there is no native to do it, so someone can advise me a fast way to implement it?

You will need an extra resource that will have a ban system and in the config file at the bottom there will be a custom function try to use the extra resource event on that

how to block event logger?

thank bro, it help me too much