[Release] Custom Mini Map

also @ocrp is you can remove the white grading over the map it will make it look so much better like this Satellite map 3D

Anyone get an INSANE framerate drop using this? I guarantee it’s not my pc specs.


I need this on the minimap. Have you tried if it works or someone has release it?

Is it built-in that the default gps+waypoint is different? IMAGE
Or is this from another resource? If its built-in, how would i change it, theres nothing the lua files regarding…

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Original postal map or even the OCRP one would have been much better, this one is odd, highways identified with colors and… letters…

you know there is a search function for a reason, right?

Thanks for the heads up! Guess I mis-interpreted the name of that topic

Why was this removed?

im only guessing that its been removed due to a flawed system

They removed my fire extinguisher script because it contained less than 50 lines of code. However this one wasn’t removed? Nor was the ocrp version. Their response for closing it:

Does not confirm quality standards.
Too simple. Should not be its own resource. Little to no added value”

I had people spamming me with “thanks” and “great job”. So I removed all my scripts from this forum because they are selecting which scripts they find suitable, regardless who finds it useful or not.

Now lets talk about contradicting. Their TOS claims they would never make you pay for anything but yet you have to pay for colored server names, eup and a very unstable OneSync.

I understand they can run this service how they want but they punish us for so called breaking the rules but yet they break theirs? So yeah once again I will not be posting anything else on these forums.


agreed man. 100% they suck us dry making us pay for eup, but we cant use paid and actually good custom eup


this is true

glad i have it in my older server use git hub or make ur own web site if there gonna have a fit

Any way you could release another download link that is not over FiveM forums @DementedDude? I’d love to have this but due to FiveM’s many flaws I’m not able to do so.

The download has been taken down, and he is not putting back up, but if u look there is another one released by ocrp

if someone finds or knows how i can get the mini map mod like the one mentioned in this topic please reply or message me

i can only find the server side only version :frowning:

OCRP Already posted their version of this resource. With the OCRP Map and minimap files

It only has a server side version. There is no client side.