[Release] Custom License Plate Image

Is there a way to get a different front plate from the back one?

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Not to my knowledge

how can i set all vehicle license plate text format?
and allow type · in car plate? im try to doing Japanese license plate

have you work this out?

Not yet. I havent started it. Im not sure if you can stream .ymt files, but you can try converting it to a .meta and using the CARCOLS_FILE data file in your fxmanifest and try and stream it

There is a script that does it here Custom Plate Format - British Format - Configurable - London Studios [Paid Resource] - #4 by LondonStudios

So I have put this in my plate.lua file and the only one that is working is the North Yankton plate, the other plates are just showing up as black… any clue as to why?

Figured it out, had to delete the other things in the lua file

I got the plate texture to load, but there are no colors? why is this? also can I use the default gta plate lettering color or do I have to upload custom? image

Thats Really Good Thank For This Keep Up This Good Work!!

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is there a way to make one of the license plates only for police cars

how did you change the lettering color? It’s not working for me

Please make a quick video on how to set this up, i have installed it correctly to my knowledge, but it’s not working…

Hey there, so I’ve set plates to 1200x700 as recommended, however I have this black outline, anyone know how to fix it?


To change the back plate design I think you need to edit every vehicle in zmodeler

Works like charm!


fixed it the plate size was incorrect, 1200x700 does no longer work.

The correct plate size is 734 x 361 (atleast for me)

Hope this helps someone else.