[Release] Corona Begone V1.1 (Clientside)

Its not working for me

It broke for me too. It was working I’ve tried installing it again and also replacing every graphic ytd file but it won’t work at all

The only thing I could think of is if somehow I can get it into the mods folder in five m directory Bc that overwrites everything but idk how to do that I think it only reads rpfs I really really want it

i cant download it can you post it on https://github.com

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Its working fine for me but i have a wierd thing on fornt of the car the light form headlights idk why but it comes form underneath the front bumper and its super wierd can i fix it somehow ?

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I have been using this for around 5 months now and it has been perfect and working. Out of no where, the other day this has stopped working and I have the corona’s back. Is there any fix? I have tried reinstalling it, changing FiveM versions and trying different servers. Nothing will fix it.

Same here, happened after a FiveM update for me

stopped working recently. any ideas?

Yeah stopped working for me too. Sad :frowning:

any updates on this :frowning:

i have looking so long for a fix with some cars lightning
now i find here the solution and i cant find the data to change on the folder,
maybe fivem updated something please update! <3

I got coronas off by just changing the line on the screen by a “0.0” in the visualsettings.dat (FiveM\FiveM.app\citizen\common\data)

Yep, that works. Thank you mate!

where can i find this? there is no visualsettings.dat file on my fivem install