Hey everyone, hope you’re having a good day so far. So this is my second release on the forums, but my FIRST ever YMAP made. Below, I’ve listed the locations where I have put the Christmas lights and Trees. Hope you enjoy the Christmas “Mega” YMAP!

• Sandy Shores Sheriff Station
• Sandy Shores Hospital
• Sandy Shores Fire Station
• Sandy Shores Yellow Jack
• Houses around Sandy
• Few buildings in Paleto Bay
• Route 68 Fleeca Bank
• Route 68 Motel
• A Few Route 68 Houses
• Paleto Bay Sheriff Station
• Paleto Savings Bank
• Paleto Gas Station


This is my first YMAP, so if you find anything that is bugged or needs to be fixed please put it in the comments below. :+1:

Update 2.0

  • Split up areas [Sandy Shores & Paleto Bay are in seperate files]
  • Added More Lights to Sandy Shores
  • Fixed some light placements

XMASMega.rar (5.5 KB)

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Try splitting the areas into seperate .ymap files, you have quite a lot of props scattered all across the map in one .ymap file. The way ymaps work is that if you load one prop you load them all so if you’re at sandy sheriff station you will be loading props in paleto leading to poor performance.


Ah, makes sense. I’ll split them up and make the performance better, Thanks for the advice. :+1:

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You should also try to directly upload the file to the forums rather than a third party unless it’s too big. Other than that, great release.

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Will use it! Love to see optimized version

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its the most wonderful time of the year

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I’ll definitely do that for the updated version

Do you have any idea how long it’ll take for you to do this?
looks sick btw

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I’ve updated the file above, check it out!

:eyes: looking nice ngl

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Added it in our server, however there’s no lights in Sandy apart from 2/3 at Yellow Jack. There is a big Christmas tree however.

i was actually going to say the same thing. which is no big deal at all looks good love it!

Yo wassup Berry nice ymap


I’ll look into this, I’ve been having some problems with Codewalker recently so I’ll update the file if it’s not the right one.

Great release! Though, I would love to see some props added to the city in a future update. Otherwise, keep up the great work!

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I’ll be fixing all of the issues in the next update, and I will be adding a bunch of Christmas decorations to the city as well. Thanks for all the feedback so far. :+1:

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UPDATE: Fixed the lights that weren’t working before, next update I will look to put in decorations in the city.

Next update coming in December 2021. Cant wait. :wink:

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Looks good gg !

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I don’t know if I’ll release it before Christmas as it’s gonna take a while. I’ll probably release it just after, ready for next year for people to use.