[Release] CHP Pack with SAHP Textures

Release - SAHP Vehicle Pack

This pack contains vehicles from Thehurk’s 2016 CHP Pack and textures from Narobic’s SAHP Texture Pack.

Hello, members of the FiveM Community.

Just to make this clear, I did not make the vehicles or textures. I simply combined the vehicle pack and texture pack and made the resource folder for you so it’s easy to install because I know some people have trouble with that.

Install instructions can be found in the Read Me.

Due to the massive size of the upload, I was unable to directly upload it however it can be found by clicking here.

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reply to this or dm me TrooperPatrick#4362 with questions

Some pictures would be nice to see. People don’t like to download things before seeing teasers

EDIT: pictures got uploaded, looks good

SAHP? More like STAHP

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You should be linking to all the original mods and crediting the correct people.

TheHurk doesnt want people using this in any clans without his permission this shouldnt even be here

this… was already released…

Hes gotta a lot of messaging to do because every mainstream fivem server has this pack.

Well I cant speak for “every mainstream server” but for me personally I have a SAHP pack with the same style cars and lightbars that I have either A. Payed someone to model for me or B. done myself in my spare time. I mean people should have respect for the said content creator not to mention I asked and was granted permission to use them anyhow lol

Yeah, it seems every server i join now uses those except for a select few that arent doing the San Andreas. They are so overused with those same old skins. I dont mind the cars, but its getting old seeing the same Highway Patrol skins and cars in every server now adays. I mean its an amazing pack but its getting old.

Yeah I made my own skins for it but overall I like the pattern and style so I modeled my own stuff. Same with my SO cars I dont use the Alameda style because thats so bland I made my own. I have spent over 4 months working on my server now and its almost ready because I dont wanna be another “DoJ”. I am tired of seeing the same old CHP and Alameda skins

The skins I have now I am not a fan of and I considered doing a custom FHP pack but I am not sure

Thats good, atleast someone understands nobodys gonna play on a knockoff doj server since theres already hundreds others and the real one on standby lmfao.

Exactly I try my hardest which is why hopefully I stand out a bit. I think I am going to do FHP skins still not 100% but when I release if people dont like them then I will make new ones

Sounds like you have the right idea. So many servers are literally identical other than 2-3 scripts and the colors of their hud. Even then though its hard to get people to join to see your unique scripts and such because everyone neglects the word “Custom”. Like if i install a car that hundreds of others also have into my server its not “Custom”. Or changing colors. I just hate how every server will contain “Custom” “Unique”, etc. But then be the farthest from it.

Exactly. You know I really like you lmao finally someone who shares my views. Here is an example screen of one of my vehicles for my BCSO pack I would love some insight and constructive criticism

I will take a look and PM you so we can get out of this topic before someone gets angry lol.

Ok lol

els non els ???