[RELEASE] (Chains included) ray_snatchchain

Just create the item in your database. Name= Anything you desire, just no capital letters in the “name” category" Label= Anything you desire. Weight=1 Limit=Any Rare=0 Can_Remove=1 Hope this helps. (this also goes for adding/creating ANY item in your database.)

Thank you. That worked but it wont let me put them on. I want to be able to put the chain on how body armor goes on by sliding it to use in the inventory. Do you know how to do that?

Make sure the RegisterNetEvent name for the chain matches the same as the database item. Example: database item is spadeschain. RegisterNetEvent(spadeschain)

Forgot to mention. If you don’t have inventory images for the chains. ‘’READ’’ Add the png img to html folder in img/ items in esx_inventoryhud script, edit the chain name png. Example: SpadesChain. Lowercase the S/C to spadeschain. If you already have images for the chains. Disregard this. Hope this helps as I just finished config this script to my liking. :slight_smile: Great work by the developer on this.

it matches but its not letting me put them on

Make sure you have this in the server/main.lua of ray_snatchchain. Also make sure database items are named the same as the ESX.RegisterUsableItem