[Release] Burgershot Interior

Yes I know this has been on gta5-mods for a while, but I decided to release it here as well since I just massively updated it, I recommend everyone who has it updates. It’s just a resource, drop it in your resources folder, add it to the server.cfg.

burgershot.rar (11.0 MB)


New features/fixes;

  • Added a custom timecycmod to make the interior appear more grimey and dirty
  • Added some particle effects such as cockroaches, deep fryers and taps leaking
  • Made the signs inside the restaurant emit light makes the place look way cooler at night
  • Removed unused archetype definitions and models
  • Renamed all the assets to use custom names so it doesn’t conflict with other mods
  • Fixed the lighting flickering between rooms and near walls
  • Fixed poly edge count errors on collisions caused by broken OpenIV/GIMS

Interior is located here:


We’ve used this for a while. Only sad part is that the chairs are too close to the tables, meaning people can’t sit down properly in the chairs. Still a great map. I made it a buyable business on our server. :smiley:

Thanks for sharing the update. Gonna update it today.

You could make a script to teleport people into the seats if they are close enough or disable the player collision while doing a sit down animation into the seats.

You can find the correct coords for sitting in the seat inside the ytyp in the props extension definitions.

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hello can you fix that refigerator flying?

I believe the objects are custom ones so have no prop to correspond with.

Could you be more descriptive? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

They 100% have the data needed in the ytyp

Can I check that in OpenIV?

Any plans to make a “Good-Burger”?

Codewalker or OpenIV

Nice Re-Release of this interior, its awesome to see more life to it.

This is what I mean, friend, if you can fix it

Yeah not sure why that’s happening for you, not happening here at all, fridge is in it’s normal spot. Don’t mind the damage, was just shooting it a bit to make sure it wasn’t movable.

This is awesome. Gives me one of the old GTA feels! Nice Work

really cool the more cockroach i would get hungry the more i would eat something else. but it was a beautiful job the sign is impeccable


burgershot.rar (11.0 MB)

who know how to change the the blip using custom own blip, example i want to use this logoimage
to my burgeshot blip

Hi, could you help me do this? And in another doubt I have?