[Release] Boot Vehicles v1.3 - Persistent Configured Vehicles!

Anyone has a fix for the car spawning double?, when I’m alone at the server it still happening, always appear two cars instead of one, any help would be appreciated


is someone managing to use? it seems that it was discontinued, I tested it and had probmeas … (already mentioned above)

Please can you add the ability of Boot Vehicles to save LIVERIES (which is the most important part), and can you add the ability for the script to detect an occupied space so that if i add a bunch of vehicles then someone elce joins it wount spawn the vehicles ontop of one another and the vehicles extra save thing is not working even in v1.3 it randomally sets the vehicles extras. Other than that it is a great mod

Not having any luck with spawning a car with its extras. Example:
I spawn a add on car. Pull up vMenu and add things like a wing, change the color, change the hood options. Then I do gvposa. Car gets saved. On reboot the car is there but in it’s default spawn form with none of the changes I made. Is this even possible to work?

Ok so I got the plates to work for anyone who is interested. Its line 67 i believe in the cl_bootvehicles.lua file.
Find this:
SetVehicleNumberPlateText(spawnedVehicle, vehicle[7])
Change it to this:
SetVehicleNumberPlateText(spawnedVehicle, vehicle[20])

This would also explain why the extras dont work as he is not taking into account that all the 1’s arent an actual json array. Im gonna work on that next and see if I can get mods working also.

I also had this problem. I simply comment these lines and whenever I start the server I run the command gvpos_trigger and everything works fine :smiley:

what is the command to delete a vehicle spawn?

did you solve it?

there is a solution in the thread jsut cant remember where but some guy made a fix for it

Hey I have problem so cars spawn like crazy I only want 10 cars to spawn but they keep spawning one on another.Any suggestions?

How can i create in this script more than 128 vehicles? Is this a possible?

I need help.

“SCRIPT ERROR: Execution of native 95a88f0b409cda47 in script host failed: Error executing native 0x95a88f0b409cda47 at address 0x1408b77eb.”

Hmmm i can only get the cars to spawn by manualy useing the command. Is there a way to make the server run that command after 30 secound from server restart?

Any newer update on this would be nice? Also add livery & color saves :smiley:

i tried this script but on my linux serveur it’ll make pbm.

So i’m working on a different script that use database instead text file.
I’ll put here the link when it’s done if that can help someone.


did you ever get it finished?

Soon, i have to finish spawn at the boot (be sure only spawn vehicules one times) and some tests and it’s ready ^^

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