[Release] bleeding

Simple bleeding script with visual effect for fivem.

Download: https://github.com/Hentari/bleeding
vid: https://streamable.com/i48dr


  • Add script into your resource folder
  • Start bleeding in server.cfg

Thanks to @mikou for help with code

Update: Fixed visual effect (again thanks @mikou)


Cool and interesting script. The huge camera jerk is way too much for me, but of course, that’s my own opinion.

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Dobry skrypt


This is bleeding, and I thought he was sneezing.

Pretty awesome, thanks! May have to implement :slight_smile:

please can you include any screenshots or videos

@TheDevelopmentBunker Video is in the first post.

Pěkně no :smiley:


Beautiful release :slight_smile:

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can you add bleeding on the ground to this like line of blood coming off of you.

I’ll think about that.

also what about bleeding out like something to stop you from bleeding out and dying.

I use esx_pharmacy where you can buy first aid kit and heal yourself to 140 hp points and stop bleeding or visit medic :wink:

This is not for esx it is standalone

Dobrý dobrý :smile:

bro how can we stop bleeding any other script that stop bleeding