[Release] Blackmarket Gunshop Interior [MLO Interior][Custom][Teleport]

Hey, everyone <3
Releasing some interiors from a pack I made at a community.
The community owner banned me for having an opinion, so now I am sharing the pack with you all.
This is one of the interiors from the pack.

This is a gunshop interior, which can be moved around or used simply as a teleport interior.
Used for illegal gun sales, or illegal markets, but can also be repurposed by editing the ytyp.

x="-1508.46900000" y="-204.02380000" z=“49.78938000”


dons_bm_gunshop1.rar (2.5 MB)

(Replace .ybn file)
bm_gunshop1_col.ybn (23.3 KB)

Enjoy! Stay tuned for more :wink:


Goodjob.But i think you should upload it to github.

Great job bro!, tanx!

download link updated :+1:

thx bro

Any chance you would be able to add the door model for a lock to the main door thank you awesome job. :slight_smile:

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Christmas has come early :heart_eyes:

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GitHub is for code, it IS NOT a file hosting service.


guys i copied and started the resource and the script is loading correctly but i cant find it in game how is possible?

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look at the description there are the coordinates bro

Great job thank you for sharing
can we hope for an update with the functional door of a teleport ? :slight_smile:

i checked buy i cant find the map at this location :frowning:(

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This is good bro look :

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Is it normal for the front door not to be openable? If so, why is the door see through from the other side? Couldn’t you block it off? It looks like you can walk back through but you can’t.


This is due to the fact that it is an interior to pose behind the wall which has not been cut and put a functional door it would be necessary to edit this with 3DS to remove a piece of wall at the door and to remove the collision for then put a door so that it is functional and that the interior is accessible by this door and not by teleport as indicated in the title of the post

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Most MLOs don’t have this issue. It should be blocked with another door so it doesn’t look so strange. It is unusable as is.

i’d suggest trying out codewalker, its pretty easy to put a door there :slight_smile:

Another nice interior, thanks for share. :heart_eyes:

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Nice work! Glad someone found it useful;)

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