[Release] Bean Machine Interior | MLO

Hi another MLO, I hope you like it


  • x = 280.68, y = -962.72, z = 29.4


  • Main door - Rflx_Beanmachine_Door
  • Office doors - V_ILev_PH_GenDoor002


  • Just extract in your resource folder and write to the server.cfg - start rflx_beanmachine

ShowCase - https://youtu.be/Ujk4-B-sdpg
Download - rflx_beanmachine.rar (4.5 MB)


Nice work!

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looks great keep it up

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Looks good!

I wonder if there is anything that can be done about the navmesh on the sidewalk?
As seen in the showcase video, peds are walking into the tables.

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Yes, I know about this bug but I didn’t know how to fix it, I’m still learning but I’ll definitely try to fix it and release the corrected version

nice work man!

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Looking really good!

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As always good work keep it up bro!

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Very beautiful MLO… love it… the peds getting stuck in the table is a breaking my immersion but its too beautiful to disable :slight_smile:

Fixing that is way above my head as of right now… at the very best maybe i could find how to delete the tables and just keep the store … or make the table so we can clip through which is less desirable…
Thank you for the release… love it