[Release] BasicVehicle HUD

Here is a simple clean Car Hud Nothing else to say honestly.

Uses Latest Fxmanifest

Find it HERE

Original creators of the js code can be found inside.

Check out this release for a standalone seat-belt


Does the seat belt work ?

i removed the code for now, as many people testing had different bugs with it, i’m looking into adding it shortly

Please do if you get that working I would love to have it on my server it’s nice and clean.

is there any way it can be set to show in km/h ?
and btw.: nice HUD! It´s very clean!

Hey ive seen this all over the place. You left all the date and time code in it for when it was a vrp script.

Make sure to give credit to the guy/gal who made this.

and yes you show it in kmh just need to edit the math

line 132 of client.lua
speed = math.ceil(GetEntitySpeed(PedCar) * 2.236936)

kmh = * 3.6);
mph = * 2.236936);

This script is stolen… Its not yours. The HUD was leaked by other players


Doesn’t seem to be yours, please provide proof if I’m wrong

The in game map/radar dissapeared, it shows only when inside a vehicle, is it possible to fix this? i want the map/radar showing even if im on foot.

dass ist doch dass von FreshArmy
oder nicht

No. FreshArmy used it too