[RELEASE] Badger_Discord_API

is there a way we can set discord nickname to players character name when they join the server?

Absolutely, you can use the nickname changing function (SetNickname) I added to the GitHub repo, and trigger it on the first playerSpawned event with the name as a parameter.

How do I fix this? (If you are just gonna say “you didn’t install it correctly” don’t bother)

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Do you happen to have renamed the Badger_Discord_API resource maybe? Did you change the export in fxmanifest.lua, or the function itself in server.lua? Is the resource started? These could be the issues that came to my mind atm.

You screwed up the configuration, that is the only way that error happens

Hey Badger the links not working how do i get the paid version so it stops popping up in chat?


thanks dude!

please help me when i try to load into my server its stuck on deffering connection and then this shows in my panel

In Badger_Discord_API’s fxmanifest.lua, do you have "ClearCache" added to the server_exports table? Additionally, do you have the resource running, have you accidentally renamed it, or modified anything?

Yea I have clearcache in there.

Does anyone know how to fix this error please and thank you.

i have this problem i dont know how to fix it can some one help