[RELEASE] Badger_Discord_API

Upload to github or something please :slight_smile: After all it is the rules

Read the rules again

Hey Badger,

I don’t understand why we pay for the script and have to deal with Zap advertisement on the splash, I can’t really edit it for myself, others might not be able aswell.
Been trying to delete the Ad part but the splash stops showing, everything else is fine.

Can you please help getting rid of this?
Thanks :wink:

Edit : Talking about the API btw.

You don’t pay for it? It’s free…

You can turn off the splash page. The splash page has a disable option. I won’t help in removing the Ad, but I did give the option to turn it off.

the script is not working anymore or i am having a problem ?

User Error

Free releases must be uploaded to the forums or GitHub directly, you may keep the Tebex link