[RELEASE] Bad-Scoreboard (Possibly the best Fivem Server Scoreboard) (SCOREBOARD WORKS WITH ONESYNC INFINITY)

so how do i set up the discord on the scoreboard

did you fixed it??



mhm, i’m no expert but adding my own font-face and linking it the way i do on any other html, css combination isn’t working lol any ideas?

basically all my custom fonts aren’t working right with it, but all default css fonts are working perfectly fine. my goal is to get a custom font going

same thing man cant seem to find the issue

can any body give me the server side of the script ?

wait, so is this free or not?

Yes this version is free

sorry, the store was confusing me but i got it! Thanks!

Very nice script, everything work. No issue running on QBCore.

What is the banner size for this? Thanks!