[RELEASE] Auto-Kick Solo Session v 1.0

Hello guys!
This script has been developped by @AbyfalL for MysticRP Community !

I release a script to kick the players who meet in solo session.
When the problem occurs , console say : “Incomplete Routing Packet”
When player is in solo session , he can make money etc
For example, when a player finds himself alone, he can make money and the police do not see him.


  • Go https://github.com/MysticRP/solokick and download zip
  • Extract “solokick-master” folder to your ressources
  • Rename folder “solokick-master” to “solokick”
  • Add “- solokick” in your citmp-server.yml
  • Modify time to refresh script in “cl_autoKick.lua” (default 1 second)
  • Restart your server !

Version : 1.0


So this kicks people who get instanced?

yeah (example: Desync , console say inomplete routing packet , and player see 1/24 players but server see 24/24 then player was kicked)

If a player is quickly lonely because some players have deco the server while there were few people, the script considers it in ghost session and tries to kick

Yes but it’s developped for my server normally and it is full everyday or 10 connected minimum

Yes i know i’m currently looking for a way to identify the session correctly to prevent false positive if you have any suggestion.

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The script make a comparison between client “players connected” number & Server “players connected” number right ? So why just kick if the Client “players connected” is 1/24 and different from Server “players connected” number ?

i didn’t look the code right now, so my theory can be stupid :wink:

Because , anytimes we have “Incomplete Routing Packets” in console and players are desynchronized (= clients solo)

Because the client side number of player connected only include the players in the same session so by comparing it with the server side which see all players connected i can tell if the player is in a solo/ghost session

This mod is broken it kicks when anyone joins in sadly! I would love for it to work, any luck?

yeap for my server to

Need to be updated please

Hello? Someone has a running version?

sadly we have ALOT of solosessions since 3 weeks or something… from 2 in a month or something to like 20 a day or even more… this script is really needed… hope someone can fix it

This script stops working when onesync infinity is activated.