[Release] Aiden's Script Collection (06/06/2020)

I decided to Convert Scammer’s Script Collection to RedM. Full Credit to @pongo1231 for these releases as all I did was make them a drag and drop for RedM.

PvP Enable
Enables PvP on servers with scripthook disabled.

Simple Watermark
Adds a static watermark for all users.

AFK and High Ping Kick
Kicks players that are afk or have a high ping.

You are free to use Scammers scripts for whatever you want. Please do remember full credit to @pongo1231, I just made them drag and drop for the people too lazy to convert them.

Make sure to check the thread daily for new scripts and updates.


Added Simple Watermark which adds a static watermark for all users. (5:15 PM, 06/06/2020)


Looking good!

Thank you so much! Tons more to come :slight_smile:

Added PvP Enable which enables PvP on servers with scripthook disabled. (06/09/2020) (I didn’t get to test this but it should work, If not please reply and I will figure it out.)

How can a watermark be loaded png.file?

Do you mean make the text in the top left a image?

No, only image in top left

This Could probably help

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When I go to download it says that it is in the owners trash

Idk why that is, I must have deleted it. I will fix that.

The Files have been restores. I plan on adding more to this probably.