[RELEASE] Advanced Blackout - Power Outage

The Advanced Blackout system is a script that allows the user to trigger power outages (also know as “blackouts”) in certain locations or ranges. This paid script comes with multiple features, planned future DLCs, and active support. Learn more bellow!

Do you roleplay in an ESX, VMenu, etc… server? Don’t you want to expand your roleplay options and realism? Well, this script is perfect for exactly that! Law enforcement need to breach into a bank filled with suspects… then cut the power and enter stealthy, just like IRL.

What Is Included:

  • Advanced Blackout Script
  • Active Support
  • Free Access To Future ‘Advanced Blackout’ DLC Releases

Purchase Here-- Tebex Link
Want to know more about configuring this script? Check out our documentation-- Direct Link

  • Compatibility with the FREE EMP Grenade add-on script!
  • Complete customization of the script. All features can be enabled/disabled to your liking.
  • Fully optimized for the best performance.
  • Command to trigger a blackout in a preset-location.
    • For example, “/blackout 4024” will cut the power to the preset coordinates and radius of that postal code.
    • These locations are all set in the script’s configuration (ability to add an unlimited number of locations [5 banks already preset]).
  • Command to trigger a blackout for a custom radius.
    • For example, “/blackoutradius 100” will cut the power in a circular radius around the player.
    • (Optional) Included is the Confirm Radius feature. This allows the user to see the radius on their map before confirming it.
  • Control Panel
    • This feature works in hand with the Blackout Preset-Location feature by setting a physical (in-game) spot to trigger the blackout.
      • Included is the ability to restrict access to the panel.
        1. ACE Permissions
        2. Passcode [users will be prompted to enter the panel’s password to trigger the blackout]
        3. Open to Everyone
      • Customize the amount of time it will take to switch the power.
  • Server-Wide Blackout System
    • Ability to set a full map blackout (Great for zombie servers!).
    • Includes a “Safe Zone” feature. Power stays online in these zones.
      • You are able to set your own custom safe zone locations.
  • Notification System
    • Select between 3 notification systems:
      1. Chat
      2. Map [displays notifications above the HUD map]
      3. Custom [enter your own notification event name. This allows you to use your own notification system with this script.]
  • Discord Logging System
    • Enter a discord webhook into the configuration to log the triggering of blackouts in your Discord Chat.
  • Blackout Blip
    • Automatically sets a flashing blip on the map for all players on active blackout zones.
  • Custom Events
    • Add your own server event to be executed after a blackout is triggered.
    • Set up your own permissions check for the Control Panel feature through a client export.

Connect your custom inventory system, permissions system, etc… to Advanced Blackout!



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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 990+
Requirements N/A
Support Yes
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possible to have it for qbcore?

Yes, the script is a standalone. This means it works with any framework!

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Is the code open enough to be able to attach client or server events to an item for this?


All code is restricted, except for the configuration. If you are curious about the config, it is presented on the documentation. You won’t be able to add events. However, the next release/update will include these features in the configuration:

  • Ability to have your own client/server event be triggered after a blackout is executed.
  • Ability to connect your own permission check system through a client/server export. (For example, when a player attempts to trigger a blackout, the script will first run your custom permissions check.)

I hope this answered your question (if not, please let me know). I am open to suggestions for future updates. Be on the look out for the next release!

Apologies, there currently is no video for this script. However, I am open to answering any questions you may have.

(A video may come in the future)

good evening I bought the script but when I search through the blue blip it doesn’t give me a blackout but the lights flash and stop is this normal?

Hello! I am confused on what you are asking. You may have made an error in the configuration. If you can, I suggest creating a support ticket in the discord. Then we can look through your configuration and get more details on your question/problem.

Discord Link

Could you add a function using this native so that Vehicle Lights stay on during blackout.

Something like:

function ChangeBlackout(blackout)
   if GetGameBuildNumber() >= 2372 then SetArtificialLightsState(blackout) 
        else SetBlackout(blackout) 

This is something I looked into during the development phase; however, the native did not work. I will look more into it.

We had it working with a custom fork of vMenu and in other script with weather/time management (cd_easytime) before. It should still work.

UPDATE - Version 1.3 :white_check_mark:

Vehicle lights and flashlights stay on when in blackout zones.

Server-Wide Blackout System

  • Ability to set a full map blackout (Great for zombie servers!).
  • Includes a “Safe Zone” feature. Power stays online in these zones.
  • You are able to set your own custom safe zone locations.

Would there be a way to set the entire map to 24hr blackout? would like something where having lights is a special event

Yes! The most recent update has a new feature that turns on a timeless blackout (meaning there is no timer on it). In addition, in the configuration, you are able to preset power zones (these also don’t have a timer on it).

If that didn’t answer your question, then could you please elaborate on the “special event” so I can get a better understanding?

that basicly awnsered most my question. Thank you

I’m assuming that when you setblackout then even though it’s only for that zone that the entire city for that person would be blackedout correct? or does it only turn power off to the lights within that zone?

EDIT: Sorry didn’t mean to reply to you lol

With our Blackout System, there are a few different ways to initiate a blackout. But in short, this script allows for power outages in specific areas of the map (doesn’t have to be the entire map). So when the player walks out of the blackout radius, the power appears for them (and if they walk back into the radius then the power cuts). Here they all are:

  1. Full map blackout. This will turn off all the lights on the entire map. You are able to set “safe zones” in the config. The power will stay online in these safe zones.

  2. Location blackout. These are preset blackout locations that can be triggered by a chat command or in-game panel (explained more in documentation). Location blackouts will only cut the lights in a specific circular radius set in the config.

  3. Radius blackout. This is a chat command that will create a blackout in a specific radius around the player executing it.

  4. EMP Grenade. Our newly released Add-On that will create a blackout in the radius of the thrown EMP weapon.

So like for example, the “safezones” when a player walks into the safezone, that means the power is on in that safezone but does it also turn the power on to the entire city for that player that entered the safezone?

Cause I was under the impression that you can’t turn just parts of the cities lights off without turning them off everywhere for each player.

If you dont mind, I could message you to explain in more detail as I’m sure I’m not explaining myself properly lol

While others can only disable the lights for the entire city/map, this resource allows users to disable the city’s lights in specific areas.

When using the Full Map Blackout feature: if a player enters a Safe Zone, then the power will appear (online). When the player leaves the safe zone, then the power disappears (offline). This is for each individual player.

For instance, Players 1 and 2 are NOT in a Safe Zone. The power is offline for both players. Player 1 now walks into a Safe Zone. The power turns on for Player 1. The power is still offline for Player 2 as Player 2 is in a different location. Player 1 leaves the Safe Zone and the power disappears (offline).

I don’t mind if you would like to message me to go more in detail.