[RELEASE] [add-on map] Driver's Paradise Canyon and SnowPeak

Hello all!

Here is my conversion to add parts of Driver’s Paradise map from BlueJeansGamer in Los Santos.

I turn his map to props replaces (some loopings and jumps from CunningStunts update.)
I used this tutorial: [How-to] Fix failed ZLIB call to lower textures resolution,
and OpenFormat to cut the map into smaller objects to optimize the map, that’s why it’s not as beautiful as the original one.

Canyon is on the East of Los Santos, entry is on the east of the docks.
SnowPeak is on the North of Los Santos, entry is on the full North road.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/svarzhz2ast9k8h/DsPmaps.rar

-Install object-loader to your resources folder:

  • Go to resources\ object-loader\ and open object_loader.lua and go to line 51:
    return (dist < (300 * 300))
    change (300 * 300)) to (3000 * 3000))

-add my folders to your resources folder.

-add - objectloader, - customprops and - canyondrift to your citmp-server.yml.



Good, but can be better

Thanks for your feed back.
Indeed, tried to cut into more pieces to keep a better quality possible, but i had some issues when i try to import again on OpenIV. It’s the best i can do with my knowledge. I hope you will enjoy it anyway.

Of course, it is not bad but I think that few people will use it,You have the bases, continuous! I am sorry for my English, I am French / Italian

Sorry but, textures are very very ugly.

Yes i know, sorry about that, it’s because i can’t make files over 16mb :confused: all 2048 textures have beed turned into 512 or 748 :frowning:
Asked few time ago on the forum how to go through this limit like for maps on drift server, but no-one know a way.
I shared because i think some people can be happy to have some more touge roads to drift or make offroad around LS. It can maybe inspire some more talented people to convert add-ons maps.

t’es la toi ? mdr, je pensais pas te voir com’
you are there ? Lol, I did not think you’d comment

oh mais c’est plein de français ici! But admins don’t like when we don’t speak english ^^

Yeah ahah I was looking for how to say it in english

Oui, la communauté francophone est énorme ici. :smiley:

Yeah, french community is biggest here. :smiley:

there is a big noobs community too ahah, ah lot of frenchs are dicks with scripts :joy:

i have test your release, it’s not so beautiful but it s cool, :wink:

Thanks you! yes it’s still funny to have new roads to explore in FiveM ^^
And yes, im also a french dick with scripts :joy:

ahah :joy: i don’t say u are a dick because u have make ur script, a lot of french plagiat english script, u no, gg

hahaha yes it’s right, but i am really really bad with real “scripting” like LUA and stuff… I tried to learn but my brain don’t want :joy:

are u really french ? i shearch good people because i am a little developper, we can make a good server if u want :slight_smile:

Yep i’m really french ^^
I am busy af this time, but why not! I have two stunt/drift servers already, hosted to OVH.
We have a facebook group and a Discord, join us, you are wellcome!
discord: https://discord.gg/E4e22MV
FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/229615354106037/?fref=ts

I will think about it, I have many ideas and scripts that I prefer to keep for me ahah, strongly that I have my pc to launch the server and test everything
But thanx for your reply dude :slight_smile:

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I might be doing something wrong, but I’m not able to load the map.


me neither tbh ive loaded bunch of other maps fine

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