[Release] Accidental Punch

while true do
DisableControlAction(1, 140, true)
if not IsPlayerTargettingAnything(PlayerId()) then
DisableControlAction(1, 141, true)
DisableControlAction(1, 142, true)

When you tab out you click on the game to re-focus it and sometimes you can hit people because of that. If you add this you can’t punch unless you hold right-click and focus.
It also prevents shift punch spamming!

Dumb Install Hint: Add to any client.lua you can find

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Neat script but has its downsides much love <3

Way too simple (less than 20 lines of code) for a release, moved to tutorials section instead to serve as an example.

but this is not a tutorial, as I am not showing how to do it. It’s the actual script lines?!

Read the Releases section F.A.Q. and then try to tell me I’m wrong, please.

Thank you!

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