[Release] A Very Simple Welcome Script

This script gives the client a message everytime they spawn on the server.
Not much else it can do…

You can download it here -> https://github.com/ThatZiv/simplewelcome/

You are free to modify it however you want to.

This is now in help text


(20 Character)

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@thatziv The reason this is release is a "very simple script (correct me if I am wrong) but this is an exact copy of @pongo1231 's tutorial here: [How-To] Create a basic script


  • Client Script is the same (apart from a few words)

  • Resource Manifest Version is the exact same

From @pongo1231 's tutorial;

From @thatziv 's GitHub;

What next;
I hope the creator of this topic adds the correct credits to this release as I am sure he would want people to do the same for him.

Disclaimer: In no way am I trying to slander @thatziv or put down his release.!

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Thanks, Very simple script, yet very useful :stuck_out_tongue: