[Release] - A fine, custom made banking system


[Banking System] - Ido

Yesterday someone leaked my banking script that was initially made for DL-RP server. The leaker still managed to make the server side a bit off, so I am releasing this script, with hope you enjoy it, and the respect for programmers and creators will get bigger, in my country, and all over the world.

If you have any changes / bugs you want to report or suggest, go ahead and open a GitHub issue / pull request.

GitHub Link


Hey, a preview would be awesome!

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Hi, I added one, thanks for the advice.

Very cool! AMAZING SCRIPT. Thumbs UP!



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is this for what core, esx/vrp? or stand alone?

That script is for neither of them, but it will be fairly easy to make it work with ESX… The only time using the current core is for removing/adding money between users.

ok, i looking for something like this that will work without any framework, i might give this a try.

WOW so cool me use it in server and everyone like it


You have ESX version?

I didn’t made an ESX version, but if you need one, you can DM me and I will make one for you :smiley:

Add a video or more screenshots so we can see how it works :slight_smile: