I reckon it’s a prank, I present my evidence below…


It’s not a prank lol, the internal codename used by Rockstar and FiveM is RDR3

RDR = Red Dead Revolver
RDR2 = Red Dead Redemption
RDR3 = Red Dead Redemption 2


Classic R*

Ingame even R* named it RDR 3 so it’s real, and redM :muscle:

As much as I’d like to play RedM when it does come out, I don’t think I will be able to because my account used for GTA 5 on Steam has been permanently banned from connecting to social club :poop:

Cheaters never prosper :upside_down_face:


Any speculations about some natives being similiar to GTA V ones? Or when will we get a chance to look at the natives to start any programming attempts? As soon as the first RedM version approaches or sooner?

Should we wait to buy RDR2 on Steam? or will it make a difference?

Why that? FiveM/‘RAGE/M’/RedM works fine without steam


Gotcha… Pre-Order Bonus from Rockstar here I come!! LOL

We all know it’s a prank to hide the truth. Gta 6.

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They’re making too much off V right now for VI to come along. Give it a few more years.

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Will we be able to develop scripts in Lua or only in JS, C#?

It is likely that it will be the same as FiveM.

I pray to god FiveM has no cards or tonics. Dead-eye is 50/50 for me, might be alright but i really think this server would be great without all that unrealistic stuff for gun fights. Here’s praying they do that!
The real game feels like i’m playing fortnite or some crazy game you keep buffing yourself so you don’t lose a gunfight. Not my idea of Old West gun fighting at all.


just like GTA5 FiveM operates account with Steam. I wonder the same. Can RedM operate without Steam account?

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FiveM doesn’t require Steam, and so will RedM

You mean won’t? :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, both FiveM and RedM do not and will not require steam. This is with the exception of individual servers that enforce the steam identifier to be present in order to join. Those messages that say “steam must be running in order to join” are not part of FiveM and are invoked by a server resource.

Hope this clears it all up!

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I hope so because i got red dead 2 before i even knew about redm so i hope i wont need to purchase the steam version