RedM Theme for CFX's chat



A RedM theme for the CFX’s chat.


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Tebex : Chat theme RedM

Open-source Yes
Subscription-based No
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Support Yes
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Please include a direct download as mentioned in the rules

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This messes with Fred Hud for fred metabolism and makes it not work whatsoever. I know its this chat theme as when i stopped it fred hud started working again

What is Fred HUD ?
And I only change the html and CSS files in the classic chat from cfx team, so I don’t understand why it can break other script.

Fred Hud is the hud for hunger, thirst and temperature for fred metabolism on vorp. When i ensure the chat theme it makes it give an error saying cannot find export getHunger. but when i stop the chat theme it doesnt give any errors.

Did you remove the start of the classic chat ?

what do you mean?

The “start chat” in your server.cfg.
If you don’t remove it, you will have two chat on your game.