RedM Red Dead Redemption2

Hi,i have a problem with redm,i played for a few days on roleplay but yesturday when i wanted to enter in redm givem me this error [Window Title]

[Main Instruction]
libcef.dll!logging::LogMessage::~LogMessage (0x500)

An error at libcef.dll!logging::LogMessage::~LogMessage (0x500) caused RedM to stop working. A crash report is being uploaded to the RedM developers.
Stack trace:
libcef.dll!logging::LogMessage::~LogMessage (0x500) (
libcef.dll!cef_log (0x57) (
glue.dll!cef::logging::LogMessage::~LogMessage (0x55) (
glue.dll!::operator() (0x322) (GtaNui.cpp:708)
glue.dll!std::_Func_class<rage::grcTexture *,GtaNuiTexture *>::operator() (0x1a) (functional:861)
glue.dll!::operator() (0xaa) (GtaNui.cpp:169)
glue.dll!std::_Func_class::operator() (0x13) (functional:861)

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[Expanded Information]
Crash signature: libcef.dll+32D7970
Report ID: si-e832e114e4f248878ac0e1149ce26723
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And i can’t play anymore,cand somebody give me a solution? Thank you.