redM is there anyone who can help us

hej. hey. hi.
now it’s just that my friend has made a server, but we can’t make character, or buy horse or weapons. and much more. my friend uses zap hosting.
Is there anyone who can help us and create scripts for us. ?

              we are  Danish  people.   ?      and  we  are  from  Denmark.     ?  

any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

my friend has done everything with scripts but it won’t work right.

is there anyone who would be kind enough to help with and create a script and everything that is now needed to create a RolePlay server on redM, using ZAP hosting ?

name for the server we have and we are also working on a Discord server for our redM server. it is in the process…

if you want to know what should be in scripts then leave a comment or a private message.

here is a small video…