RedM is so awesome!

I have been slaving my life away for the past 4yrs, playing and developing and hosting FiveM servers, and i got to the point where it’s not fun anymore. But now, using and hosting RedM. I LOVE IT!
Its such a different world on the development side and gamer point of view. There is NO technology, except maybe a telephone in a saloon, and a electric lighting system but yeah, no need for editing laptop scripts and USB keys for crypto server farms.

Honestly, i might never go back to fivem, but ill keep doing stuff for the French Quebec RedM Community!

P.S. If someone could give me pointers, quick tips and such. im Down :smiley:
I come from qb-core, ox_inventory, ox_target stuff. i heard good things about VORP, but some people say there is better and more compatible cores for today’s scripting standards. I like to try for myself, but i also like other people’s opinions.

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RedM is indeed awesome!
In my opinion QBR is currently abandoned or unmaintained. VORP is the most popular framework at the moment, I find VORP really similar to ESX.
My best advice is to open a local hosted server and start messing around :stuck_out_tongue:

so I am wanting to start a server what hosting is the best?

I would suggest to host it on your own pc for now, and keep the slots under 10 (9 and less) so this way you can enable onesync without paying the fivem patreon. Then when you are comfortable and ready to go, i suggest a OVH Dedicated, Game-1 or Game-2, they offer game firewalls and ddos protection. its a little bit of money (like 150$/month) but its totally worth it.
NEVER go with Zap-hosting, EVER. they are the worse on the whole market, they have tons of lagspikes, easy to ddos, shit connection. I don’t even know why they are still around to be honest.

you should not be doing that it will use up your ram and not run smooth. Plus other issues! All I am asking is which hosts are the best for this game. I have a large community as a streamer and just need to know which host is the most stable. or what ones anyone had issues with. smh

to be clear I am not new to fivem .

I have been running my server locally for about a year before going to OVH, there is no issues at all to run a server on your own machine… Unless you have a old garbage computer with 8gb ram, but i have been running mine with 8 people daily, doing a lot of stuff, with zero lag and everyone 120+ fps. So you are wrong, but its ok.

Go with OVH, or Amazon AWS for hosting it.

You do understand that hosting a game takes less resources than playing it, right?

If you want more explanation, i will gladly give you some.