RedM is no longer available

I get this message for about 20 minutes so far, few people I know also get this message when trying to run RedM.


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Same for me and some people i know

me too

same oof

same … cant open it and i cant instal it again

From what I’m hearing, rumor wise, is that the owner of CFX has blocked redM altogether.

From the status page all systems are operational but the client still doesn’t work

Can you provide where you saw this?

VORP Core’s announcements.

Maybe they did that so they can fix the software with out the influx of people spamming to connect. When people do that it can make it so any repair takes longer. Just need to wait it out. I doubt they just shut it down TBH

Same here. I’m glad I’m not alone or I’d be wondering what I did to mess it up.

all we can do is be patient and see what happens a good notice would have been nice instead of just with this surprise attack :frowning:

In the Github it was added by the project lead, labelled “fix”, fix(fix): fix · citizenfx/[email protected] · GitHub

The RedM Lead Engineer Reversed this as it blocked access, Revert "fix(fix): fix" · citizenfx/[email protected] · GitHub

The project lead reversed the reversal and revoked the RedM Lead Engineer’s ability to contribute further, Revert "fix(fix): fix" · citizenfx/[email protected] · GitHub

Not an error, it was put in to block access, idk why


im sure there working there asses off to fix it

Just revert it again lol ahhahaha


Uninstalled my RedM thinking I screwed up my installation because I was launching a custom server for development. Guess we just wait now.

i did the same thing and it still didnt work

Need the owners email twitter anything overwhelm the owner to get shit fixed

You’re the kind of person and reason why he did this in the first place and snapped

It’s all business in the end. Got to start with the top down