Redm is currently down

it says may be my end but its not this is a cfx issues as multiple people are having this issue anyone else having these problems


Same here but for FiveM.

Redm Down? Cant join on the Server too :confused:

same here its like this on every server, downdetector is showing 100+ reports for server connection issues

Aqui o mesmo erro, não consigo logar desde as 16:00 horas de hoje

And funny enough, CFX.RE Status has it’s fingers in it’s ears, eyes closed and saying “LA LA LA LA LA! THERE IS NO PROBLEMS! LA LA LA LA LA! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”

Same here. In EU

All the REDM servers on the list are down pop. If you get disconnected or have a server restart, you’re going to be with us on the outside looking in. :wink:

on god bro it came back yesterday but its down again with over 200+ reports on downdetector. thats even more reports than yesterday. we gotta start opening tickets in fivem & redm client support section.