RedM Interiors (WIP)

This is a collection of most known IPLs as well as missing interiors for valentine and Beechers, among others! This will continue to be updated.

Fills in the valentine jail wall, saloon and bank windows, and saloon back-room bed, among other additions.

Please post here with any holes/missing interiors/walls/objects.

Known Issues:

Kitchen Counter
Dining room table
Bathtub/Washroom objects

    Needs Removed:
           Camp site just east of house

General Store support beams

    Needs Removed:
           Objects outside of Keane's Saloon


koil - original imap list
CryptoGenics - list research/identification
Plouffe - list research/identification
PitchSean - list research/identification


Keep up the good work!

Nice work! Keep Going :smiley:

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Great job, i was wondering why some buildings were invisible. Thanks for releasing this

RequestImap(-1933617196) pretty sure this is support beams for general store in valentine also good job :slight_smile:

this includes a horse carriage that is located in rhodes the issue is it blocks the flow of NPC traffic how do i remove it or what line is it on

is there a updated list of everything in game… when i tryed installing this… alot of things poped up that wasn’t around befor… sure the building are good an all but all the boxes an barrels around are just not needed… an this list from the install is not up to par to what i’ve seen in some servers… or is there a different map system i’m not aware about… i’m using redmrp