[RedM] Infinity Redm:rp Bounty Hunting script


Easy sytem for make “bounty hunting gangs or just outlaw npcs”
Démo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaDqPrvUzZk

This is my first release public, enjoy :wink:

Thanks to :
Warmenu Author and many contributors !

Version 1.0 : Initial release
Version 1.1 : Fix Gang auto Die and add news gangs démos, and outlaws.
Version 1.2 : Add Dead or Alive Rewards and Jail system and fix’s now in ALTITUDE DEV (because thief my script and resales users :confused: )

Thanks for testing :wink:

you can send new link, give me error 404. tks.

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The new version is here : GitHub - ShepXBFR/infinity_bountyhunts

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