RedM infinite loading screen

Please refer to my post in the Client Support for specifics.

It seems to be an unfixable issue for users and I’m seeing more and more posts about it pop up on /r/RedM as well as the Client Support section of the RedM forums.
Can someone look into this? Personally I have been having this issue for a month or two now and I’ve given up trying. It’s a game breaking bug that’s withholding people from playing RedM at all, which could be damaging to the playerbase.

Already fixed 2-3 hours before your post.

I am still experiencing this issue. Exactly like I described in my post in Client Support.

Just here to update, I am still having this issue. Can someone please look into this? It’s been a couple of months now that I have been unable to play, would love to get back into RedM.

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I had the same problem, open RedM properties and activate compatibility mode for windows 8, then it should work.