RedM : Guns not Reloading

Anyone have a issue on their RedM server with guns not reloading. I thought it was Weapon Groups but I fixed that and still doing it, If anyone has a solution please let me know. Server kinda useless until I can fix this.

note: some peds may cause the issue when changing peds.
note: reloads fine when riding a mount or scaling a wall.
note: guns only reload on the ped you first spawn as in game.

while true do

local Gun = GetCurrentPedWeapon(PlayerPedId(), false, 0, false)

if Citizen.InvokeNative(0x580417101DDB492F, 0, 0xE30CD707) and not IsPedShooting(PlayerPedId()) and not IsPlayerFreeAiming(PlayerPedId()) and not IsPedRunning(PlayerPedId()) then – R Key or B button on controller
TaskReloadWeapon(PlayerPedId(), true)
N_0xc395355843be134b(PlayerPedId(),Gun) – Reload bandaid / manual