download error 404

When i try to download redM again it says the download page isnt a right url. is it only me or do more people have the problem?

if so how do i fix this issue if its my side.

There is a current issue ongoing with the FiveM Network by way of being DDoSed which has been an ongoing issue for nearly 24 hours or more from what I can tell, for example yesterday trying to start a server was always declined due to the keyserver being unreachable and today many attempts to download the client has failed too, the documentation is unavailable at current without using a third party website such as github or to view it… The only option we have is to wait it out.

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Alright. thank you for your clarification! that means its not on my side haha! ive tried everything so this is helpfull! Thanks lets wait it out and hope the attacks stop soon.

I had the same question. Thank you for the info!