Redm : Army / Military Hat needed!


I can’t get hold of some hats for a Military RP.

In particular these models:

They are well present on the server, since they appear on NPCs at fort wallace, and it is possible to kill them to recover the hat and put it on our head.

Unfortunately, all my attempts to add it to the wardrobe (script clothing RedEM) do not work. The hat does not appear, remains invisible. I think I don’t have the right hash. I have tried several combinations, such as :

“category_hashname”: “hats”,
“ped_type”: “male”,
“is_multiplayer”: false,
“category_hash”: 0x9925C067,
“hash”: 0xD95CE3F5,
“hash_dec_signed”: -648223755,
“category_hash_dec_signed”: -1725579161

but nothing seems to work to add these hats…