Redlight Roleplay | HELP WANTED! | Custom Civilian Vehicles | Multiple Departments | Laid-Back Staff Team | + MORE! |

Hey! Thank’s for clicking on me.

We are a fairly new server with only a few people in so help is WANTED! Let me tell you why you should join first.

First off, we have LSPD, BCSO, SAST, and soon to come, DOT. With all these departments, means a lot of possibilities.
Second, We have a very laid-back rule system and Staff Team. We are still a strict RP server, but the rules are not as strict as some servers.
Third, we are hiring for all departments! We are currently looking for Directors + Department Heads, so if you want a chance to be a department head, please join and we can work something out!
Fourth, We have a lot of useful scripts on the server to enhance RP! Along with this, we have some custom civilian vehicles on the server for you to enjoy!
Fifth! We listen to the Community! That’s right! If you suggest something to be added, and the majority of the vote agrees, then it will be added in less than 12 hours!

If you think you would enjoy our server, feel free to join via this link! Redlight Roleplay

The IP for the server will be within the Discord Server. Thank’s for your consideration for even viewing this. I hope to see you join us soon! Thanks, and have an absolute AMAZING day!