[RedEM:RP / VORP / Standalone] RedM Weapon Maintenance

RedM Weapon Maintenance


Having trouble with dirty and sooty weapon? This script is solution for all of your pain! This script brings back RDR2 weapon inspecting/cleaning mechanics.

Just select weapon in weapon wheel and hit scroll button.


  • Cleaning shortarm/longarm weapons.
  • Inspecting weapons.
  • Checking weapon stats.
  • Saving stats in database (*only in RedEM:RP/VORP)
  • Gun oil item requirement (config controlled | *only in RedEM:RP/VORP).

RedEM:RP requirements:

VORP requirements:


  • Fixed disappearing maintain button.


  • Fixed 0x000FA7A4A8443AF7 execution error.


  • Added debug mode with additional prints.
  • Minor changes.


  • Fixed native execution error 0x000FA7A4A8443AF7 when using b1491.


  • Added VORP support (db save included).
  • Fixed resetting stats in RedEM:RP.


  • Added RedEM:RP support (db save included).


  • Fixed weapon wheel selection bug


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 330
Requirements None or RedEM:RP/VORP
Support Yes

Are the stats saved in the database or are the weapons also cleaned by relogging?

There is no saving in database at this moment, just plain cleaning mechanic.

New update:

  • Added RedEM:RP support and database saving feature.

VORP is posible in the future?

Yes, VORP support is planned in the future updates.

Hello! Can you make a language.lua file for translate the prompts? I would like to translate it to another language.

Prompts are created using native gxt entries, they are already translated to supported by RDR languages.

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[    c-scripting-core] Creating script environments for redm_weapon_maintenance
[script:redm_weapon_m] Error parsing script @redm_weapon_maintenance/server/main.lua in resource redm_weapon_maintenance: @redm_weapon_maintenance/server/main.lua:1: syntax error near '<\1>'
[    c-scripting-core] Failed to load script server/main.lua.

Hey, make sure .fxap file is located in the resource directory.

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My fault
It works perfectly.

Is it possible to make it work with VORP?
(I still don’t know which framework to choose, vorp or redem:rp)

vorp support would be nice

New update v1.0.3:

  • Added VORP support (db save included)
  • Fixed resetting stats in RedEM:RP

Does it save the status of the weapons in the DB? do I need an item to clean them?

Yes, it does. Item requirement is optional and can be enabled or disabled in config file.

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Got this error on redemrp after the update

Also the map is getting disabled
Also the cleaning is working without gun_oil. In the config it is true.

Gun oil item requirement is only available in RedEM:RP or VORP, set Config.UseIntegration to redemrp or vorp. Map is getting disabled while player is inspecting weapon as intended. Also error you mentioned above should be fixed with v1.0.4 patch.

I can also clean the weapon without an item, with everything set to true and with UseIntegration vorp is entered.

What is stored in which database table?

All weapon stats(degradation, damage, dirt, soot) are stored in loadout table in existing fields(dirtLevel, mudLevel, conditionLevel, rustLevel). Regarding to item issue, i released new patch v1.0.5 which adds debug mode with additional prints. VORP integration should works fine with vorp_core v1.4 and vorp_inventory v2.1. If issue will still persist send logs with config settings.