Red Square, Will Not See Player, Mostly Crashes

When I join any server… I get a red square in the corner of my screen. Can’t see players, they tell me to restart. I restart. Nothing happens still the same. I am getting annoyed. I just want to play FiveReborn but I can’t. :c I have tried to delete all my plugins, cache. Still doesn’t work.
Please help. I know there is a format but I can’t attach any files and screenshots.

its a server issue you didnt connect properly or the game didnt sync try again

Like I said above. I have tried and tried again.

may be a server problem contack the owner have him restart

It happens with all servers though. And they did restart once for ramps being spawned in. Still didn’t work.

by any chance are you an wifi ?

Yes I am…

my friend had a problem this because of wifi. Since you saying all servers end up being red square it could be your wifi is bad

@lordsp1ce No… It’s pretty good.

You are somehow not being connected to the server. It’s a problem on your end.

@Boss No I fixed it. You need a mod menu. I need it for all servers for some reason. Enhanced reborn…

@siri You need a mod menu in order to connect? Not really

Yeah, for me I do. And for many other people they do.