Red Dead Style Notifications


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  • Config for changing defaults.
  • Ability to set notification location ( top, centre, bottom / left & right )
  • 40+ logos/icons to use.
  • Logo color options.
  • Title color options.
  • Server accessible.
  • Script runs at 0.00ms.


Code used in Preview

    -- exports["rp_notifs"]:Notification( title, message, logo, time, position, titleColour, logoColour ) 

    exports["rp_notifs"]:Notification( "Warning", "You have been warned.", "exclamation", 5000, "centre-right", "red", "red" )
    exports["rp_notifs"]:Notification( "Cuffs", "You have been cuffed.", "handcuffs", 5000, "centre-right", "white" )
    exports["rp_notifs"]:Notification( "Purchase", "You have Purchased x5 Candy Bars.", "shop", 5000, "centre-right", "green", "green" )
    exports["rp_notifs"]:Notification( "Message", "This is a really long message showing off how this notification will scale with any text you give it, allowing the developer to use long messages.", "speech", 5000, "centre-right", "white" )


Q: Does this include instructions?
A: Yes! All instructions on how to use this are included in the config.

Q: Can I change the logo/icon on the left?
A: Yes! You have over 40+ icons available by default for your convenience, and modifying the js file allows you to add more!

Q: Can you change the position of the notification?
A: Yes! When calling the function to display the Notification, you have the option to set the specific position for it. ( top-left, centre-left, bottom-left, top-right, centre-right, bottom-right )

Q: Can I remove the logo/icon?
A: No, this resource is focused around the icon being there for esthetic, tho if it is requested enough I would be happy to modify it to allow no logo/icon.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 400+
Requirements None
Support Yes

Is both the client and server code accessible?