Quality and performance update

This update to FiveM and RedM improves performance and fixes a few bugs. Changes include:

  • Add an Open log button in the F8 console to open the current log file in Notepad or another default editor for .log files.
  • Load explicitly in ‘insecure’ mode on Wine or Windows on ARM, instead of requiring the user to remove adhesive.dll by hand.
  • Hide prints from the ‘monitor’ resource (txAdmin) on production update channels for the time being. If you need to view these logs, use txLogPrint in the F8 console, or open the log file.
  • Fix the Resource Monitor potentially crashing the game when closing it.
  • Correctly report ‘Game crashed’ disconnects to server again, instead of just timing out.
  • Update Mono to fix a security/sandbox escape issue where “unsafe” CIL code would skip verification.
  • Correctly display your own playtime in the server review form.
  • Some mitigation for common cases of ‘Early-exit trap’, hopefully.
  • A few additional anticheat improvements.
  • RedM: Fix compatibility for OneSync being disabled since the recent AI entity fix.
  • FxDK: The server can now start correctly when user names contain spaces.
  • FxDK: Fix setting/unsetting console variables.
  • FxDK: Refresh resources correctly when adding a new ‘resource’ asset.
  • FiveM: Rework an audio-related function to fix a crash that could be induced remotely when sending CPlaySoundEvent over the network.
  • FiveM: Optimize handling of pedalternatevariations.meta from DLC, speeding up creating lots of ‘MP/freemode’ peds, including when entering a zone full of players.
  • FiveM: Support Discord rich presence for Story Mode and ‘local game’.