Rebuild (fix rdr3 launching)


Quality update

This update applies to both FiveM and RedM, and includes a few quality improvements.

A summary of changes is provided below:

  • Mitigations for asset escrow logic as described in our post today.
  • A few improvements have been made to the F8 console:
    • The ‘pills’ with the message source now are correctly sized on all resolutions.
    • The ‘Draw Performance’ overlay can now be selectively toggled. Thanks to Ktos93 for the idea and first implementation.
    • The ‘devgui’ (menu bar) has had some UI tweaks to use the correct controls.
  • The Mono script runtime will now correctly show all GC events in ‘profiler’ output.
  • The game should now launch a little faster due to a few optimizations in load-time code.
  • The ‘server review’ flag dialog is no longer unreadable in a light color scheme.
  • Having multiple ‘Launcher.exe’ running (of which some aren’t the R* launcher) should no longer confuse auto-signin code.
  • FiveM: SMASH_VEHICLE_WINDOW etc. have been fixed and can now remove all windows again.
  • FiveM: A bug causing weapon damage events to be ignored has been fixed.
  • FiveM: Exporting a video in the Rockstar Editor should no longer freeze the game if ‘audio frame limiter’ is disabled.
  • FiveM: Another check for entity->entity attachment on build 2545+ has been identified and removed.
  • RedM: A crash/state corruption due to sync packet size has been fixed.
  • RedM: Another crash related to ‘player visibility’ has been fixed.
  • RedM: ‘Dummy object’ crashes have been fixed by porting changes from FiveM.
  • RedM: A GET_CAM_MATRIX native has been added. Thanks to Nikez for the pull request!