Rebuild ('deployer hung' edition)


Summary Client / January 2023 Update 1

This update (with version number 6199) applies to both FiveM and RedM and contains a few changes, including support for GTA V build 2802 (‘Drug Wars’).

Summarized (and incomplete) changelog

  • It’s 2023. Happy (belated) new year.
  • More anticheat tweaks. Big banwave no. 2 for a popular cheat may follow in the future.
  • Certain crashes in Windows system DLLs will now show a proper crash window instead of exiting the game silently.
  • Client startup time has been reduced as a result of some optimizations.
  • When using the ‘Polish (Poland)’ locale in Windows, the main menu ‘top server’ listing will now show pl-PL servers correctly.
  • Registering an account from the in-game login screen works again.
  • FiveM: Launching with GTA V build 2802 (“Drug Wars”, mpxmas3) is now supported when combined with compatible FXServer releases. This still isn’t the default launch build (i.e. a 2699 downgrade is still expected), and some issues may still occur - please report 'em.
  • FiveM: A behavior issue/crash when using runtime textures in Scaleform has been fixed.
  • FiveM: Some race condition-type crashes have been fixed.
  • FiveM: DXGI errors will now indicate if a graphics mod is installed to suggest the user to try without said graphics mod.
  • FiveM: A few community pull requests have been merged.
  • RedM: A community pull request by slashkeyvalue was merged adding a SET_IGNORE_VEHICLE_OWNERSHIP_FOR_STOWING native.
  • RedM: @Nikez’ work on native audio for Mumble has been merged.