Reborn trainer?

I was on a server with a guy and he talked me about the enhanced reborn trainer but i can’t find it! Someone have a link for me pls?

Here is a link to the forum post for this trainer, it is located in the Releases section of the website.

Thanks:) Which one should i take? The normal one or the one with mods bundle?

@DerbyField No problem! Enjoy!

@DerbyField whichever one you prefer. It doesn’t matter

@DerbyField … or, download the master source of the Enhanced FiveM Trainer they are based on, or the one that was based on, and roll your own from it.

That’s what i did, and incorporated some stuff from my HTK mod whilst removing all the totally unnecessary sh*t that seems to be ‘essential’ inclusion in trainers/mod menus like a sheep mind was following the herd.

As far as i can tell, they are both merely rebrands of the the above - i’ve tested both interchangably on on both FiveM project adaptions without any issue, along side with my deriv of E-FM-T and HTK mods.

Believe it or not, even with moderate or poor C++ knowledge, there’s enough good documents and notes between the E-FM-T source, AB’s NativeTrainer source and a few other Menu Bases (which all pretty much derive from AB’s Native Trainer sample), code you can learn from in the other derivatives that have had source code released and countless C++ code snippets (for GTA V and other stuff) to make adapting a simplistic, function, just-enough-function mod of your own :smiling_imp:

@9h457l33j03k3rr The original developer of the Enhanced FiveM trainer also developed this one. For people with poor developing knowledge it’s ok and ready-for-use.