Really bad owner and everyones trigger happy

came back for first time in a while whilst tryin to get hang off thing was straight away a hostage n then the jewlary store is already being robbed so i can taken to a trap house n they started grabbin things from another guys car n then the owner came out n killed me when i told him i wasnt apart off it nearly everyone has op guns n op cars. about 25/75 of the community are good and friendly n the 75/25 are just complete dicks n abuse new people. onto panda. came in his stream n saw a jewellary store being robbed n becuase he wanted content for his youtube instead off roleplaying the chase he let them go for free w everythin from the robbery. asked him why he did it n he was snobby n arogant about it n said if u dont like it leave n then proceeded to wonder n he said he needed yt content n then when i used the chat n try fix my voice he started crying about it. he doesnt acc care for server he just wants money from kids n ppl to make him “popular” wouldnt recomend

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